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My Story

I am a 68 year old person living with dementia.


I suffered a massive stroke in 2008 and was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2009. Life was a struggle until 2015. I found the Alzheimer Society Toronto. It was the beginning of my advocacy for those living with dementia.


I have done interviews with major networks. I am also on a personal campaign to try and convince young people to quit smoking. I smoked for 52 years and when I quit in 2014, I now have a mild case of COPD.

October of 2016 I joined a group for Youth Dementia Awareness Symposium headed up by Dr. Kristine Newman and her research team. It has been an amazing journey and has exposed me to many opportunities and introduced me to so many people who are trying to find cures and trying to make life more bearable.

I never knew there was such a large number of people dedicating their lives in so many ways to help. I feel so lucky to be part of this group of very talented people.


Dementia Alliance International January 21, 2019

Paul's Story 


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2016 Presentation
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Presentations and Working Groups


Social Events and Advocacy


National Dementia Conference

May 2018


Organizations and Affiliations Involved With

Dementia Alliance International
Alzheimer Society Canada
Alzheimer Society Ontario
Spare a Thought for Dementia

Live or Die: The Struggle to Survive by the People of Haiti


When Paul Lea's daughter, Victoria, told him about her planned mission trip with a group of students to Haiti in 2003 to work with orphans, he was not certain how to reactespecially when she surprised him by telling him that he would be joining her. After he got used to the idea, he worked closely with his daughter in preparing supplies for them to take for the Haitians. When the day of their trip finally arrived, Victoria became illand was ultimately too sick to make the trip. Paul decided to go without her and document everything that he experienced to share with her.

In Live or Die, he chronicles, in aching detail, the terrible conditions in which the children live in Haiti. Through his narrative, we come to know the orphan children he met and the Haitians who worked alongside him. To Paul, the real tragedy is that the women and children of Haiti cannot escape the vicious cycle of poverty and terrible living conditions. Even though the Haitian people have suffered unspeakable abuses throughout their countrys history, they have remained a proud people. Despite the fact Haiti is considered the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, they have never given up their dream of being able to live freely and govern themselves.

In Live and Die, Paul Lea shares his unforgettable experiences and hopes for the people he worked with in Haiti.

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